With so many products out there its hard to pick one over the rest, we are always looking for new and exciting ways to make van life better. below is a brief overview of the option we have.

Kitchen galleys & storage - Our units are CNC made using light weight ply. We have selected a variety of colors and textured laminates that we believe are hard wearing and have long lasting curb appeal.

Electrical systems - Our house system caters for the everyday adventurist, with simple to use interfaces and easy to service layouts we can keep you off the grid for days. We use 200w-340w solar panels as one of our charging units, along with Alternator charging and shore charging.  


Insulation – With two completely different seasons we strive to keep you comfortable all year round, we have organic resources and high-end man-made products to choose from.  


Panelling - Hard wearing sheet material that will hold up to most impacts in everyday use no matter what toys you keep in the van.  

Additional seating
 – Safety is key for all people in the van and we use the best companies in the world.  


Exterior racks and steps – we work with and source as much as we can from Canada and have teamed up with stoked adventure to make this happen. We also have suppliers in USA that we source from too.   

Bed systems - Flarespace is our main go to for designing our bed layouts, as they offer sideways sleeping that keeps the bed area compact. If your just too tall to sleep sideways we do offer pack way bed systems.  

Roof vents - controlling the comfort and moisture levels of your living space with roof top fans and air conditioning systems are the may to go.   


Heating systems - Winter ski trips are awesome and using reliable diesel heaters work great.   


Windows - fixed, awning, T shape and sliders the choice is endless, and we can install them all!  

Water systems - We like the idea of removing your tanks with ease, and scepter water cans let you do just that. Great in the winter for keeping freezing pipes and tanks under control.  

Tie downs - Mac track have a great selection of tracks and clip on. Options are endless we can place it where you need it.  

Rims & Tires - Adding that extra grip and ruggedness to your van is a great look and with the help of terrawagen we can increase the front wheel arch clearance to allow for bigger tires. 


With so much product out there, we are always looking for new and exciting ways to make van life better.